Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lone Girl (Book 2: The Wolfling Saga) EXCERPT

Here are the first 80-something pages of 'LONE GIRL' which I am revealing to you in the hopes of getting feedback.
Please tell me what you think so I can improve the beginning of the novel. 

This is an unedited version.

Lone Girl [Excerpt] by Kate Bloomfield


  1. Whyyyyyyyyyyy this is too short for my liking. LOVED IT btw can't wait till I out. There about 3 typos only so I'm in the hoping that November comes faster!!!!

  2. Although this is too short, I appreciate and love it!I've finished reading 'Alpha Girl' and it's quite touching.Except Mr.Stone is a teacher.By the way, I really love that novel.I'll be waiting for 'Lone Girl'.Love you a lot! :) :)

  3. And I also thanks a billion for revealing the first 80 something.So that people like me who can't buy a book can read it online.

  4. When will this be available to buy?

  5. I actualy like that this story is so much different from others ive read, i mean its like you knew exactly what to write to make the book just perfect and so intelligently written and without the cheesy BS , this was a legitimate and amazing book and i love that the relationship is considered "forbidden " by society, i find nothing wrong with the age difference or his position as a teacher. I think this second book is good too , yes there are a few typos but those can be easily fixed . :) keep up the good work, youre amazing!!!!!